At the core of Innomacs Creations are innovative concepts revolving around Chinese characters, traditional values, modern life and classical literature echoed by universal sentiments, English punch words. We are eager to spread our ideas and put them into tangible projects.
Ad Slogans - Words to ponder. Branding concept

food poster

The ability to see relationships between the city life and traditional culture is the most important factor for us to cultivate ideas. Our Passion for language and Chinese literature; with proverbs, poetry always on mind help build connection and create slogan appropriately and creatively.

An emotive, inspirational, lively, intellectual or punchy line will help identify the brand from the crowd online and offline, such as "Let's do it" and "Delighting you always" which deliver the lively mood.

We welcome you to license our intellectual property and apply them in an effective manner to enhance your brand. You are welcome to book online and keep your slogan in with URL link to your CSR project to be an influencer in our society.
Creative IC quotes - all about inspiration and compassion
innomacs card
The ancient poem or phrase contains deep underlying metaphor or stirs intense feelings. It reminds us of our cultural heritage, traditional value, evoke warm nostalgic sentiments and inspire powerful thoughts in life.

Our passion drives us to transform them into bilingual greeting messages and inspirational quotes which could be incorporated into consumer products to add special touch for everyday life. You are welcome to license them to develop your brand, product or partnership with us.

In particular, an early morning mug with positive message helps create good mood and good day, an innovative T-shirt to inspire or a personalized e-card to share emotion with your loved ones . Please complete the form if you need a quotation.
Functions & events - A diversity of CSR focusing on word power
Our company appropriately translates Chinese philosophical sayings, poetic phrases and traditional idioms in its quest to create innovative products that can be integrated into our daily life. We look for corporations who are interested to sponsor events/exhibition to nurture the appreciation of classical literature, to inspire future generations the cultural value in business and enhance their brand image in CSR. Please feel free to contact us . We are excited to exchange our vision.
Art sculpture - "Born for a reason - Hong Kong Spirit"
This is a universal concept. We all share the same sentiments. The sculpture can be erected in any countries with their local art and poetry. Heritage and identity creates sense of belonging.
sculpture title :born for a reasonsculpture behance

Footbridge display - Corporate collective intelligence
The soul of a country is its culture, the root of the national identity.
The footbridge is a valuable public place to showcase our culture. We look forward to joining hands with local talents to present collective creations with HK scenery to echo the different mood of selected quotes or poems to overseas visitors and our own Hongkongers.

They are poetic, romantic and motivational ,daily food for thought in our up and down journey.
Publications - in the pipeline
We look for publishers who are interested in our publishing right. Titles are : Ad culture, Card book, Innomacs' IP, Nature inspires, Hong Kong sentiments. Innomacs publication-IPinnomacs pulication- HK sentiments