At the core of Innomacs Creations are innovative concepts revolving around Chinese characters, traditional values and classical literature echoed by English punch words, which can be incorporated into many forms of products to enhance their value.
We envisage them in adverts, smart cards, e-books, e-cards, souvenirs, stationery, art project and much more...
We are eager to license our intellectual property and join hands with leaders in advertising agencies, corporations, government departments, wholesalers, manufacturers, developers, publishers, innovators and investors to build community spirit & strengthen our society. We are counting on numerous talents and sponsorship to expand our ideas.

Ad Concept with words to ponder
We create simple, easy to rememberfood poster slogans to draw brand awareness which could be humorous, sentimental, poetic, inspirational or romantic subject to the theme of the brand.
Most elements are from distinguishable quotes. We apply their underlying messages to convey emotions and leave memorable impressions.
You may also consider our IP in and link your CSR project or sustainable report.
Footbridge - Chinese literature in public
The soul of a country is its culture.
Soho footbridge art conceptThe footbridge is a valuable public place to showcase our culture. We look forward to joining hands with local talents to present collective creations with HK scenery to echo the different mood of selected poems to overseas visitors and our own Hongkongers.
They are the romantic, inspirational, positive and poetic food for thought in our daily up and down journey.
Innomacs gift item series -Early morning mug
We carry many word quotes with personal messages for different situations. English and traditional or simplified Chinese can be incorporated in a mug, e-card, note pad, t shirt and many more for daily uses.early morning dew- mug

A Mug with positive energy helps start a great day.

Art sculpture - "Born for a reason"
This is a universal concept. We all share the same sentiments. The sculpture can be erected in other countries with their local art and poetry. sculpture title :born for a reasonborn for a reason statuebehance

Innomacs series - E-card and note pad
Aim to effectively deliver the sender’s message alongside poetic sentiments and contemporary art, targeted at a global audience.
innomacs cardinnomacs card - springinnomacs note padsthe make of innomacs notepad
Publications in the pipeline
We look for publishers who are interested in our publishing right. Titles are : Ad culture, Card book, Innomacs' IP, Nature inspires, Hong Kong sentiments. innomacs pulication- HK sentimentsInnomacs publication-IP