Customized Products
Our design can be incorporated with products that are practical, cost effective and environmental friendly for clients' specific projects. We intend them to be personalized keepsakes and marketing tools to help exposing the brand repeatedly, strategically and effectively. Here are some of our developed and developing items. Please feel free to contact us if you want to collaborate with us or develop any collectible items with our IP, such as e-cards, e-books, postcards, gift voucher, smart cards, party souvenirs, mobile phone covers, T shirts, mugs, bags etc.

Transparent acrylic frame & card set
Multi purpose postcards
Greeting pads with magnetic closure
Magnetic clips
Billboards and posters

Bags and pins

Mobile phone covers

Wine cooler and coaster

Cushion Covers
Tote bags
Promotional T-shirt
Environmental masks
Promotional umbrella
Brand Merchandise - beverage
Printed products
Promotional and award plate