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Innomacs Quotes - cultural, emotive & inspirational messages for everyday life

Chinese poems, phrases and proverbs contain deep underlying metaphors which can remind us of our cultural heritage as well as evoke intense feelings and provide great sources of inspiration.
Innomacs transforms these into bilingual quotes which can significantly contribute food for thought to share empathy, spread compassion and add a special, personalized touch to everyday life, both at a personal and corporate level. These quotes can be licensed individually or combined with carefully selected images echoing their sentiments.
Innomacs Quotes - for consumer products

Below are some product design concepts showcasing how our quotes can be incorporated on to a multitude of consumer items. Please click each one below to see how these concepts and sentiments originated. We hope they will inspire individuals and remain with them as personalized keepsakes. Please click here to view more product ideas or contact us for more details..

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